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We all need to improve when it comes to recycling. At Central and City, we ensure where possible waste/ rubbish is recycled. Rather than going straight to landfills, we take all our rubbish to sophisticated Waste Transfer Stations. There all the rubbish is sorted and then sent to be recycled.

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More than 85% of the waste collected is recycled or reused.  The remaining 15% is often not recycled because the wrong materials have been put out for collection or are too dirty to be reprocessed. The recycled material is used to make new products:
As well as the obvious environmental benefits of recycling, there are financial incentives too such as those featured on www.recycledproducts.org.uk who rely on recycled materials for their products and services. 

So where does waste go?

The waste is sorted and sold to reprocessing companies who turn them back into raw materials; these are then used to make new products. Once collected and sorted, recycled materials become valuable commodities in the worldwide market. There are many recycling plants here, reprocessing millions of tonnes of materials every year.

There is an ever increasing range of high quality products that are made in the UK from recycled materials. To find out what your recyclables are being made into click on the Recyclenow link below.

Countries such as China are prepared to pay high prices for recyclables such as waste plastic. Even though exporting our recyclables means a bigger recycling loop because recyclable materials are transported further, it is still a better environmental option than using virgin, raw materials because:

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