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Something Has Got to Give. . . .

Even if you're a non watcher of televisions like myself - there's a good chance you would have heard about the riots in London.

Some would call them thugs, others would say at least they had the courage to stand up and be heard. I mean many things have changed because people had the courage to stand up. In lesser countries - many have been killed for having a voice, but still out of some of those atrocities freedom or liberation have been found.

Why is it one rule for the government and another for the everyday man? When those MP's recently were caught claiming expenses for houses they owned - why were they not considered criminals. In fact they were just seen as MP's being a little naughty. If it was you or I, we could expect a fraud charge without delay.

With the price of fuel going up and trying to be competitive, I'm really going to struggle. I can't blame the government, as we the public gave them enough votes for them to be in the position they are.

The truth is we're all gonna be hard pushed so need to look to save where we can. Sometimes it's the simple things - turning of a light when you leave a room, turning of the lights in the hallway, 'turning down the temperature of the hot water' or walking rather than driving to the shop around the courner.

So What Next?

We all need to be heard - but unless we're united nothing is going to be done. The government works on the majority and believe that if they make these changes now, five years from now we will have forgotten all about it. If we really feel so passionate about the changes that are being made - then maybe it's time we stop complaining and start doing. 

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