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2012 Olympics good for UK?

I remember the moment we won the right to host the 2012 Olympics and the sense
of trill that ran through my veins.

Holding that thought, if I was asked was the 2012 Olympics good for the UK, I'd
probably say yes.

If I'm honest it's not the Olympics that bothers me, but what happens after. . . .

I see a large build up, but I don't see a lot of people talking about after.

Well actually that's a lie; I do hear talk about after, but at the mo it's nothing good.

Take for instance I hear that Tottenham Football club are thinking of knocking down the Olympic Stadum and re building. Most times I would welcome rebuilding, but not when you're knocking down a new building. Apparently the carbon footprint from such an excises would be similar to that of running the stadium for "93 years". Is there anyway such a move could be justified?

I don't think short term goals should ever out weigh long term effects and in this case even when you look at the jobs that could be created, I'm confident with the same or less financial investment, a lot more jobs could be developed. If I also consider that a great football club like Barcelona has a running track around their pitch, then it's difficult to see Tottenham's argument when they say they feel that by having such, the atmosphere of the game would be lost.

Conclusion: There's good and bad in most things, but I'd wish that the bad were not so bad that we could close our eyes and forget about it. Problem is that in relation to the environment we have closed our eyes for too long, and it's time that we woke up smelt the coffee and started making significant changes for the better.
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